We supply all type of Industrial Gases, Cutting & Welding Equipmentes, Safety Equipmentes etc.

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INDUSTRIAS G.E S.A (IGESA) is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of various type of Industrial Gases in Equatorial Guinea. Conceived in August 29, 2012 under the Law of Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Being a leading service provider in the merchant market of Industrial Gases, the company maintains a dedicated fleet of transport which is arguably one of the largest in the country, to cater to its customers. This allows its manufacturing facilities to be dedicated fully to the network of customers in Equatorial Guinea.

IGESA has a proven technological credential in the market, equipped with a state of art Air Separation Unit in the country, IGESA can easily claim to be the largest standalone player in EG. Apart from this, IGESA is the only company in Equatorial Guinea producing Acetylene gas and even supplying the same to some of its market competitors.

The Company today aims to consolidate its reputation in the minds of the client as the most customer-friendly service provider, providing all gas solutions and services under one banner.

Supplying all type of industrial gases suach as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Argon, Helium, Carbon dioxide and refrigerant gases.